Solenoid update

A brief test today proved that both the spring and E-clip samples provided by Century Spring will not work for me; the spring (although tiny) provides too much resistance, and the E-clip (the smallest size they supply) is too big. I think these tiny solenoids aren't going to work.

However, another contender has appeared. These solenoid valves might work for me, although they might have a problem with throughput if the connections are too small. I'll see what I can do.


Progress so far

Design progress

Things that are finished:

  1. the programming (base function)
    • command-line-based at the moment
    • takes a MIDI file as an argument
    • sends SPI signal coded for 8x8 output array
  2. the control modules
    • 8x chained 8-out modules
    • individually replaceable
    • hopefully sufficiently isolated in case of failure
  3. the air horn designs
    • 1/2 inch
    • 3/4 inch
    • 1 inch
    • 1 1/2 inch
    • 2 inch
  4. the initial valve concept
    • solenoid-controlled flapper valve

Things that are not done:

  1. converting the python script to function-based operation
  2. confirming solenoid spring return viability (pending delivery of sample spring/E-clip)
  3. drafting the valve design
  4. determining horn size crossover points (aspect-ratio-based?)
  5. layout of the physical format (pending sample measurements of horn sizes)
  6. designing the interface (hardware only? software + display?)

Build progress:

Things that are finished:

  1. 3x version 1 control modules
    • fully functional, planned version 2 has corrected silkscreen and is slightly smaller
  2. a few test horns
    • 1/2 inch design is an overwhelming success
    • 1 inch is effective, improvements can probably still be made
    • the 2 inch horn is problematic at the moment

Things that are not done:

  1. full scale construction of all horns
  2. testing and final construction of valves
  3. completion of control modules and interface
  4. construction/final assembly