Circuit boards arrived!

I don't have any solution for the solenoids yet, because I'm still waiting on the springs and stuff until I have the other electronics figured out, because I'm gonna have to go all-in due to the $50 minimum order from Century Spring. The springs are 99¢ each, which is a bother because they're literally less than 1/4" in any dimension, but the price is probably largely due to their small size (no pun intended). Tiny parts can be harder to produce because of the precision required, and since they are the smallest size available, there's probably almost no demand for them, so that drives the price up more.

Anyways, the title says that PCBs arrived, and they have. I've got all 3 soldered up and I'm currently setting up for testing, which I might take a quick video of when it's working. Soldering went surprisingly quickly and easily, considering the small size and the close proximity of some of the parts as well as my inexperience. I've yet to find out if I left the soldering iron on some pin too long that caused something to fail, but I'm optimistic pre-testing. I'll update the post when I've got some sort of result.

It still bothers me that I switched two of the labels on the I/O headers...

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